Through Trauma



We have all experienced times in our lives where we felt powerless, out of control, and unable to speak up for ourselves. As the field of psychology continues to grow, there is more and more evidence that trauma-informed bodywork and a "bottom up" approach to healing from past hurts is the most effective practice when healing from trauma. Singing is no exception to this rule. Visit our resources page to learn more about the emerging scientific evidence that explores how phonation is linked to the amygdala and the fight/flight/freeze response.

With Singing Through Trauma, we will walk with you, side by side, as we experience forgotten sounds, bodily sensations, and emotions, and the kind of awareness of self that learning to sing and connect with text often brings along for the ride. Our voices are our very identity, and, as such, singing is an emotional journey regardless of your past history. When you add in trauma, overwhelming emotions and physical triggers can often emerge as you sing and connect to the parts of yourself that you've kept hidden or that you have felt unsafe to express in the past.

We offer a safe space to explore and work through these sensations and triggers at your own pace, sharing only what you are comfortable with sharing, all while retraining the body to trust our voices to sing freely and become the advocate you've always needed. You do not have to explain your trauma to your coach in order for these sessions to have a positive impact on your healing journey.

Lessons are often done in tandem with a licensed therapist, and no previous experience with singing is required.

Andrea Randall-Luyties

About Me

I'm Andrea Randall-Luyties, and I have over twenty years of teaching experience in the field of college prep for aspiring and young professional musical theatre performers. As part of my work, I have many years of success encountering and working with singers healing from sexual assault, physical abuse, neglect, LGBTQ+ struggles and discrimination, ADHD, and various other large and small life traumas.

I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology, Master of Arts in Theatre, and am currently working towards my Master of Arts in Music Psychology in Education, Performance, & Well-Being. My continuing educational training in healing modalities include a Level III certification in Somatic Voicework™, the LoVetri Method, wherein I'm also on faculty training other singing teachers through the LoVetri Institute of Somatic Voicework™ in residence at Baldwin Wallace University during the summers in Berea, Ohio. I also have my certification with EFT & TFT.

I attribue much of my own healing from trauma to my work as a singer and teacher along with the guidance of a wonderful therapist who saw the value in using the tools I had already unintentionally sought out in life through singing and teaching. Healing work through singing is a wonderful, crazy, beautiful journey. I am excited to get started putting my training and experience to work as we explore this healing modailty working together to reclaim your voice!