Through Trauma

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Testimonial: Eleah B.

Eleah B.

Life Changing

I brought my teenaged daughter to Andrea for voice lessons several years ago. She was amazing that relationship continues to be a true miracle for my daughter even now as an adult. During one of their lessons I asked Andrea if she thought I could regain my singing voice after 8 years of not being able to sing. I thought the physical impediment caused by my autoimmune disorder was my only hurdle to overcome in order to be able to sing again however, it only took one lesson for us both to discover that there was a lot more to it. Issues from my past began to surface during our lessons as I began to recover my singing voice I also started to uncover me! It was a fabulous journey of self discovery led by Andrea’s incredible instincts and her connection to body, mind and spirit. It was like she just knew instinctively where my voice and heart needed to go from lesson to lesson. I came away with so much more than voice lessons. I will be eternally grateful for what she did with us. She has taught my mom and my youngest daughter as well with equally amazing results. I could go on and on!